Thursday, November 15, 2007

KDD Course

It's official, CSC 467: Knowledge Discovery from Data will be on the books next year.

It's an overview course - there is only so much one can put in 10 weeks (19 lectures and labs). A brief overview of OLAP, the triplet of traditional data mining problems: association rule mining, classification, clustering, then more information retrieval topics: IR proper, collaborative filtering... There won't be much time left for web mining, but this gives me an incentive to teach a grad class on it, and not worry about the remedial data mining stuff in it.

The main issue will be textbook assembly. There are decent Data Mining textbooks. There is a couple of books on IR. Whether collaborative filtering is covered anywhere, I am not certain. The challenge is to put all these together in a single text. Thus far - the books I know of are from different publishers.

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