Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election results

It is down to three states as of the moment: Indiana, Missouri and Montana. I am glad to say that I have foreseen Indiana. I was never comfortable with Missouri. And Montana, if Obama wins it will be a big surprise - I would have not bet on it. Overall, I may be anywhere between 0 and 2 states off of my original projection, which is ooodles better that my performance in 2004 election.

Good times.

Update. The final tally seems to be:

  • Missouri. Alex: Obama. Reality: McCain. As I said originally, I was more confident in North Carolina and Indiana, than in Missouri, but I went against my gut feeling. Should not have.
  • Nebraska, 2nd CD. Alex: McCain. Reality: Obama. Wow! I am officially impressed. I did not think it'd flip. Besides Indiana, I think that this is the most impressive feat accomplished by the Democrats this election.

Overall: two errors, and a 10 point overestimate in the electoral college. I am certain that I did better than many others. (-:

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