Monday, January 6, 2014


Starting today and ending sometime in September, I am officially on sabbatical. The short to-do list looks is as follows:

  • work on three funded research projects 
  • complete work with two M.S. students (and work with another three + two halves)
  • supervise two senior projects
  • get four papers based on already defended M.S. theses written and submitted
  • write another one or two papers based on work already completed
  • work on a Data Science minor proposal
  • complete three new course proposals
  • possibly guest teach abroad for a few weeks
  • learn R
  • get up to speed with NoSQL DBMS
  • retool DBMS organization course project
  • learn more statistics
  • create a watchface and an app for Pebble
  • work on younger kid's math skills
  • Take up amateur photography
  • Complete the Bioshock sequence
  • Read more books

There are a few other optional things, but the above is a start.

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