Sunday, January 12, 2014

Amateur Photography Part IV: Trees and Stairs

One more assignment from Langford's book: make a series of three pictures of wheels, doorsteps or trees. One photo to emphasize shape, one to emphasize color and one to emphasize pattern.

 On the hike to the P I have covered the tree and the doorsteps (for a certain creative definition of the word "doorstep").


The steps leading up along the side of the P qualify as doorsteps, except for the lack of door.

1. Shape. The rickety, crumbling state of the steps can be seen below.


2. Color.  Some students have left colorful palm prints on the first step of the stairs.

3. Pattern. Steps two and above have wooden retainers.


The top portion of the stairs leading from the top edge of the P to a small meadow above (shape emphasis on the surrounding rocks and on the curve of the stairs).

The landscape  version of the pattern picture. I liked the portrait better - it let the stairs fill the whole space.


The was a lone tree slightly above the P that looked really interesting. I climbed the stairs leading to it and used it for the study.

1. Shape.  Shooting into the sun - does not quite obscure the colors, but still emphasizes the shape. The dark corners around the edges are an artifact of lens zoom and the fact that the picture was taken with three filters (UF, CPL and ND4) attached.

2. Color. As shown below, a lot of the colorful closeups of the tree trunks emphasize the pattern more so than the colors. To get something that actually just stressed the color, I zoomed on the leaves from below and used short depth of view and soft focus. I could've probably done better with the focus, but the other images that had more focus on the leaves were not as interesting.

3. Pattern. The bark on one of the main branches.


This would've been the main shape image, were it not for the serious dirt on the lens.

First image from the other side,  with the sun not as obscured by the tree itself.

More patters on the tree trunks (and of the tree trunks)

The Sierra Vista dorm complex between the trunks is in very soft focus.

I haven't done the wheels yet - figure, I'll raid one of the bike racks on campus one of these days.

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